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Maryland General Assembly Home Page

You need to complete and sign an "Assurance of Consent Form" regarding your compliance with Maryland education laws at LEAST 15 days before beginning homeschooling. You should contact a support group before proceeding because you need to read a copy of the state's by-laws concerning setting up a homeschool program.

Maryland has three options.

1) Enroll in Calvert or Home Study International or other state-approved nonpublic school.

2) Enroll in a religious education ministry run/sponsored by a bona fide religious organization.

3) Go through 1-3 portfolio reviews by school personnel each year, at the end of each semester. The portfolio is simply showing samples of work in each of the subjects (math, english, science etc.). This is to demonstrate that you are providing "regular and thorough instruction." This can be ok or not -- it depends on the reviewer and how well you know the law. For example, you don't have to let them in your home and they are *not* allowed to "grade" or evaluate your children.

No testing is required, but you may volunteer to participate in the yearly standardized test administration carried out by your public school.

Required subjects are Language Arts (Language Arts does include reading instruction.), math, science, social studies, health, music, art, and PE.