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· Cut woven fabric 12 ½ " x 22" or 25% stretch fabrics 11 ½ " x 22" with the 11 ½ " edge on the crosswise grain.

· Fold the fabric, right sides together, to form a 12 ½ " x 11" or 11 ½ " x 11" rectangle.

· Stitch from edge of fabric to fold on both 11: sides, using ¼" seam allowances.

· Finish bottom edge by serging or zigzagging. Turn under ½"; hem with a zigzag stitch.

· Place marks 3" from each side of the back seam on the wrong side of the hem edge.

· Cut a 4" length of ¼" clear elastic. Fold elastic in half and mark the center. Pin elastic at the 3" mark, the back seam, and the remaining 3" mark.

· Zigzag elastic in place, stretching elastic and using a long wide stitch.

· Gather front and back seams to measure 2"/

· Cut two 2" pieces of clear elastic. Pine the ends of one of the pieces to the ends of the front seam.

· Pin the ends of the second piece of elastic to the ends of the back seam.

· Zigzag the elastic to each seam using a long wide stitch, stretching elastic to fit.


These turbans may be decorated as you wish. Suggestions include: fabric roses (you will find directions for these later), small pieces of knotted fabric, beads, sequins, embroidery or even jewelry.

7/8 yard of 36" or 45" wide fashion fabric (This is needed for the bias strips-you may be able to get 2 turbans from this amount) A washable fabric is usually preferred..

7/8 yard of lining material-use something soft that will not be irritating to tender, extremely sensitive skin. Some choices are birdseye (like that used for diapers), very soft polyester or cotton.

9" or so of ¼" or ½" clear elastic

¼" seam allowances are included in the pattern. Measure the circumference of the head at the largest part around the hairline. To this measurement add 1". (If you want a looser fit-add a little
more to this measurement) This measurement will be used for the bottom of the turban and the brim.

From the fashion fabric cut:
1- 8½" circle This will be the crown

3-BIAS strips that are 2" wide and the length of the head circumference PLUS 1".
This will be attached to the crown.

1-BIAS strip 3"wide and the length of the head circumference measurement PLUS 1".
This will be the brim.

Mark the 8½" circle in the center with a dot using a washable or air erasable marker and then mark it into quarters across the width and length of the circle. Slash one of these quarter marks from the center dot out to the edge of the circle.

Sew the 3 bias strips together along the long edges to form a rectangle. Mark the rectangle into quarters. Attach this rectangle to the circle, matching quarter marks and easing as necessary.

Sew the sliced part of the crown from the circle center to the bottom edge of the brim, including the 5" or 6" of clear elastic in the seam-stretching gently while sewing.

Sew together the short edges of the 3" wide bias strip to form a circle- which will be the brim. Fold this in half lengthwise to form a 1½" wide casing. Tuck a 3" piece of clear elastic in the casing and center over the seam line. Stretching the elastic gently-tack both ends to the brim on either side of the seam. The elastic will be loose in the casing.

Sew the brim to the edge of the bottom of the bias strips that have already been sewn to the crown.

If desired, you may make a pocket out of lining fabric to hold a cold pack or compress. This pocket may be made in any configuration you choose. Some suggestions: Make a pocket using the overlapped method or perhaps a nylon zipper with a placket to cover the zipper teeth or small plastic snaps. Velcro may be too bulky and scratchy for this application.

Cut 1- 8½" circle-DO NOT SLICE IT!
Cut 1-5½" wide BIAS strip-the length of the head circumference measurement PLUS 1".

Sew the short ends of the bias strip together to form a ring. Sew this ring to the lining circle, easing in fullness.

With wrong sides together, sew the lining to the brim of the turban-leaving a 2" or 3" opening to turn the turban right side out. After turning the turban right side out, hand stitch the opening closed. The brim may be folded up or worn down.


Cut 1-15" strip of fabric. Fold in half lengthwise, wrong side out. Seam the short ends. Turn right side out. Run gathering stitches along the long edge. Pull the gathering stitches, rotating the fabric in your hands to form a rose as it gathers up. Attach to the turban by hand or machine.