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Dried Rose Initials

These beautiful dried flower arrangements are just perfect as gifts, but even better, hang your entire family initials throughout the house.

What you will need:
Dried flowers, twigs and leaves
Moss and Moss Life spray
Design Master spray (keeps color fresh)
16 and 30 gauge Armature wire
Wire clippers
Hot glue gun
Pruning sheers
Spray bottle filled with water

How to do it:

Stretch out the 16 gauge wire and without cutting double back over and form the shape of letter. Squeeze moss around the wire and wrap the 30 gauge wire around it to hold in place. Be sure to spray the moss with the Moss Life to keep it fresh looking.

Pin roses and flower selections onto the moss and then hot glue them into place. You can create edging pieces with leaves and white flowers as an accent. Place these at the bottom edges. Glue all remaining flowers and let dry completely. Be sure when hanging, to place a support nail at the bottom of the letter, along with the top.