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Perfume Paper & Ink


Making perfume paper is extremely easy with the essential oils. To infuse a whole box of paper & envelopes, cut into small pieces a paper tissue, a cotton handkerchief, blotting paper, or gauze-you only need half a dozen or so pieces about an inch square-put a drop of essential oil on each piece, & place them in different places between the sheets of paper or envelopes.

Seal the box tightly, or if you don't have a box put them in a plastic bag & seal, & leave for at least twenty-four hours. Which essential oil or blend of oils you use is entirely up to you. Try lemon oil on lemon-or cream-colored paper, orange oil on peach-colored paper, lavender on lavender paper, & so forth. PERFUMED INKS: Just add to the bottle 10 drops of essential oil for each 1 teaspoon of ink.