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Online Physics


1 to 12 times table. Progress from basic to distinction level.

Certificate print out showing progress. Compressed file size - 811 KB. This is a

Self extracting exe file and does not need a zipping program on your computer

To open or install it. Just double click on the downloaded file and follow

The onscreen instructions.

With Flash Cards 2 you quiz your self on Addition, Subtraction,

Multiplication, and Division. It has a Hall of Fame, 3 game lengths, and

You can even choose the WAV files you want to play during the game! It also

Has a range setting so you can choose the numbers you want to use

Free Program The Multiplier

This is a 32 bit program, coded for Win95/NT.

This program comes with its own installer and is uninstallable via Win95

Control Panel Install/Uninstall program --if you want to remove it.

The program is in a PK-Zip archive. Download it, then unzip it and the

installation files will be extracted to the current directory. Then

execute the installation file and you are on your way.

House of Math Word Problems for Grades 1 - 5

Math sites A Learning Site for Middle School Students

worksheet for labeling plants

The following pages contain notes designed to help you understand the

complex topics of Biology. Worksheets.

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