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Dinosaur Puppets

Markers or crayons
Strip of 4 paper egg carton cups ATTACHED
Strip of 2 paper egg carto sups attached
Rubber bands

Step 1- Use markers to decorate the 4 egg cups *any* way the children want draw eggs on the 2 egg cups Step 2- Slip your hand inside the sock. Place the four egg cups on the top of the sock. with adult hep,put the rubber band on each end of the cups. The rubber bands help keep the egg cups on your arm Step 3- with adult help, tape the eyes to the sock near the toe area if the sock. Now open and close your hand to make the puppet look like its talking.

Dinosaur Snouts

Disposable Cups
Construction Paper

Use any kind of disposable cup. Cut bottom off and then cut large "V" slits up each side from bottom. Add const. paper or rick rack teeth, add tongues, whatever else somes to mind. Punch a hole on each side and add yarn to tie on to kids faces.