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Recycled Crayons

This project is rated AVERAGE to do. Children must be supervised.

Broken crayons
Heavy paper cups
Candy molds
Microwave oven

Project how to:
1.Remove all paper on the crayons.

2.Sort according to color.

3.Melt the
crayons in the paper cups in the microwave.

4.Pour into the molds.

Hint: You can hurry this along by putting them into the freezer.

Cookie Cutter Crayons
This project is rated EASY to do.

About this project

With this project you can make new crayons out of your old ones that have been just sitting around. Your kids will think of them like new, and you can also attach them as a little decoration on gift wrap. But remember: you must have yourself or another adult monitor your children if they do this because this requires the melting of the crayons' wax.

several old crayons
assorted cookie cutters or candy molds
old sauce pan or tin can for melting crayons
aluminum foil

Project how to:
1.Take off the paper on the crayons and put them in an old saucepan. Or put the crayons in an empty tin can and place the can in a saucepan filled with water.

2.Melt the wax by turning the stove on low heat.

3.Place the cookie cutters on a sheet of aluminum foil. Pour the melted wax into assorted cookie cutters. You may need to hold the cookie cutters down to keep the melted crayons from running out.

4.Wait for the wax to set, then cool, and pop your brand new crayons out.

Stained Glass Window

This project is rated EASY to do.Use of iron requires adult supervision

About this project:
This was a great craft and the melted crayon stained glass looked more real than using colored tissue paper. Some kids melted two colors together and the leaves looked like real fall colors.

Supplies -
Black construction paper
Wax paper
Crayons or crayon pieces in fall colors
Glue oScissors
Iron (requires adult supervision)

Project how to -
1.I took black construction paper and cut it into 5x5 squares.

2.With two pieces of paper together, I traced a leaf on the top square and then cut out the leaf with the two pieces together. The squares will be solid around the edges with a leaf pattern cut out of the center

3.Next I shaved crayons, using the colors of fall leaves. Using a warm iron, we melted the crayon
shavings between two pieces of wax paper. We then cut down the wax paper to fit between the two squares of construction paper.

4.To assemble the window, place one square of construction paper on the table and glue your wax paper glass to that square. Then place the second square over the first square making sure your leaf pattern matches up and glue the two squares together.

When tracing the leaf, I traced it on the paper on the diagonal so when we hung them they were hung from the corner of the square. oWe used those little suction cups with the hook on it to hang it on windows.